Achievement in Delhi

Achievement in Delhi

  • Origin of Scouting Guiding > originally Scout word is taken from Military. Military of every Country has Scout wing.

Establishment :- At State Level in 1994 in the name Delhi State Girl & Boy Scouts

Recognised by Delhi Govt :- On 19-05-1997 and Grant in Aid Rs. 25000/- issued

Organised :- All India Golden Jubilee of Indian Independence Jamboree at Rohini Ground of Sector-10 , Delhi from 26-04-1998 to 30-04-1998 with the financial Assistance of Delhi Govt. under the Chairmanship of the then Chief Minister Hon’ble Dr. Sahib Singh Verma and State President of Delhi State.

Promoted as National Association :- Mrs Meenakshi Sharma the then Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India joined Jamboree as special Guest and seeing the success of National Jamboree She explained and suggested Dr. Saheb Singh Verma that the then Mahamahim Rashtrapati Ji Sh. K.R. Narainan has directed us to establish a new National Scout & Guide Association parallel to B.S.G for the sake of healthy competition to check the corruption. We agreed and decided to select the home HINDUSTAN SCOUTS & GUIDES. The glorious name is Scout History adopted by Late Pt. Shri Madan Mohan Malviya, which was dissolved in 1950 after Independence

Establishment of National Association :- Dr. Saheb Singh Verma ji the then Chief Minister of Delhi Govt. was annoyed with Bharat Scouts & Guides due to its behaviour regarding holding the Delhi Swarn Jyanti Jamboree, India. Bharat Scouts & Guides advised its branches not to participate in Delhi Jamboree in April 1998, and Dr. Saheb Singh Verma C.M. of Delhi State wrote personal letters to the C.Ms of each State to depute a contingent of Scouts & Guides of their concerned State. Thus the Delhi Jamboree was successful. So he immediately agreed to establish National Association parallel to B.S.G as per instructions of Mahamahim Rashtrapati Ji in 1998 Hindustan Scouts & Guides got Regd. Under S.R. Act XXI/1860 and Recognised by Govt. of India on 07-03-2001 orders issued by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Govt. of India, Shastri Bhawan New Delhi .BSG ran to Delhi High Court to Challenge the Govt. and got stay but failed to pull on. HSG spread all over India soon.

Survey in 2004 :- In 2004 Sh. Sunil Dutt ji the became new Union Minister of Sports made a survey of Youth Organizations working in the field of Youth for allotting Grant-in-Aid for the Development of adolcents.

The Surveyor praised H.S.G. and proposed 6 crore to Hindustan Scouts & Guides for having 12,00000 strength in 6 years and same to B.S.G. for 24,00000 in 54 years of Establishment. But B.S.G. sent its President to the Ministry instead of being ashamed B.S.G. created a conspiracy and pressurised the Govt. of India. To withdraw H.S.G. Recognition So the Sports Ministry with held the National Recognition of H.S.G. on 01-02-2005 which was restored on 26-09-2013 by same Ministry of Govt of India. And stood it self with new zeal and enthusiasm. Though BSG has been struggling for its existence because BSG creating hurdles in the way of progress of H.S.G. while BSG has been getting all facilities and financial assistance from Centre and State Govts. since 1950. while H.S.G. has only got State Recognition only from 9 States but Grant-in-Aid only from one State i.e. Haryana. Even after Recognition State Deptts of Edu. Are not helping it. But in the benefit of children H.S.G. has to do its Best.

Growth of Membership :- Since 2004 H.S.G. was not getting any type of Grant-in-Aid from Central or State level Even then after 9 years of exile there was a survey in Oct. 2012 our strength 350848 working in 172 Distts. So H.S.G.,s Recognition was restored on 26-09-2013 due to God,s mercy and Honesty of Govt. officials working in Sports Ministry. The false Court Case No.1640/2006 filed by the the officials on 20-01-2006 So That we may not get 6,00.00,000/- (Six Crore)Grant-in-Aid. That Court Case was withdrawn by the Ministry on 22-5-2014 just after the New Prime Minister Hon,ble Sh. Narendra Modi ji came in power. Now we have more then 6 lakh Membership.

Splendid Meeting :- With Hon,ble Sh. Narendra Modi ji along with Sh. Purshotam Rupala ji National President (H.S.G.). Hon,ble Sh. Narendra Modi ji listened us the whole story calmly for 14 minutes and asked for demand. I spoke “Scouting is way of worship for me (Shri Niwas Sharma) now I am 80. My age is breaking but we requested your honour for long live Hindustan Scouts & Guides. He answered and immediately ordered the Ministry for the same.

In our opinion, the P.M.O. is taking so much interest in the work Ministry of Youth Affairs all due to that splendid meeting held on 10-08-2015.

Benefit to unemployed youth :- After Restoration of Recognition of the H.S.G. about 62 unemployed youth have been benefitted to get employment in U.P. Roadways from 2014 to till now.

Training Camps :-

2014-15:- 30 Training Camps

2015-16:- 59 Training Camps

2016-17:- 59 Training Camps

Achievement in Delhi